Warehouse - 738 Schuyler Ave., Lyndhurst, NJ

Client:  Schuyler Management, LLC
Work Scope: Life Cycle Cost Analysis and Fuel Cost Comparison Report.  Mechanical - HVAC, Warehouse Heating Design.

The project involved the renovation of an approximately 127,500 gross square foot warehouse located in Lyndhurst New Jersey. The structure consists of an approximately 80,000 gross square foot single-story warehouse and a two story adjoining structure with additional warehouse space and offices to be leased to future tenants. AEP performed a Life Cycle Cost (LCC) analysis to determine which heating fuel, electricity or gas, and which system would result in the least discounted cost in a two year plus time horizon given the electric and gas rates and tariffs at the time. In the final analysis, a natural gas heating system emerged to be the most economical. The warehouse received a new high pressure gas service from the utility and high efficiency gas-fired outside air heating systems. The building participates in the New Jersey “Pay for Performance” program.

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