POE Yoga, Short Hills, NJ

Client: POE Yoga
Architect: Buchholz Architectural Group
Project Type: Mechanical HVAC, Electrical

POE Yoga is yoga studio and fitness facility offering among other classes, group yoga practice, and heavy bag workout programs. Among the varieties of yoga courses, POE Yoga offers Hot Yoga classes which involves group yoga practice in an environment of elevated temperature and controlled humidity levels. The challenge for AEP was to provide an HVAC system that would provide the required ventilation while producing very little to no noise, no drafts and work in conjunction with the ceiling-mounted electric radiant heating panels. The project involved the conversion of an approximately 6,000 gross square foot, 2-story standalone building which was previously a jewelry store into a Yoga Studio.  The scope of work shall consisted of Mechanical and Electrical design and limited construction administration services. The existing HVAC systems was utilized to the most practical extent possible with new air distribution ducting and hydronic piping to accommodate the new layout. Special attention was made to the client-specific temperature, ventilation and humidity requirements of the actual yoga facility and other rooms.

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