Mechanical - HVAC

The process of designing an optimal HVAC system and controls for a given space or set of spaces can sometimes be straightforward for spaces with modest dimensions and simple requirements. More often the process is complex and organic, evolving with the developing programming and schematic designs provided by the occupants and/or architect. At AEP we work closely with our clients to ensure this process is as seamless as possible. For a mechanical engineer, a deep experience base is a key factor in the early design phase as that knowledge can be drawn upon to provide quick and accurate design approaches that suit a specific project.

HVAC Engineering Consulting and Design

  • HVAC Systems Design
  • Central Plant Design - Chillers, Boilers
  • Site Assessment Surveys and Reports
  • Heating and cooling load calculations and reports per ANSI/ ASHRAE/ ACCA Std. 183
  • Minimum ventilation requirement calculations per ASHRAE Std. 62.1 and 62.2
  • HVAC equipment sizing, selection, performance specification and scheduling
  • Diffuser, register and grille layout
  • Ductwork layout and sizing design

Special Systems

  • Waste Heat Recovery from Supermarket Refrigeration Systems

System Types

  • Split Systems, traditional and Mini-Split-Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF)
  • Hydronic (Hot Water) Heating Systems Design
  • Modulating, Condensing Boilers -Sealed Combustion
  • Chiller Plant and Cooling Tower Design
  • Office Fit-Outs
  • Constant Air Volume (CAV) Air Handling Units
  • Variable Air Volume (VAV) Air Handling Units
  • Packaged Rooftop units (RTU) With Energy Recovery 
  • Makeup-Air Units (MUA)
  • Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems (DOAS)
  • Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERV)
  • Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRV)
  • Condenser Water Systems