133-33 Sanford Ave., Queens, NY

Client: SLJ Property Management, LLC
Project Type: Backflow Prevention Design, NYCDEP Application

AEP was contracted by SLJ Property Management LLC to design Reduced Pressure Zone (RPZ) and other Backflow Prevention Devices (BFP) systems to be installed in their building to meet the current NYC Department of Environmental Protection’s drinking water protection program which is legally mandated under the New York State Sanitary Code and the Rules of the City of New York. This job was one of three BFP jobs performed by AEP for three buildings owned by SLJ.

Backflow Preventers
A backflow prevention device is used to protect city water supplies from contamination or pollution. These devices allow water to flow in only one direction; that is, to the consumer, thus protecting the city water supply from contamination that an end user may cause. In an unprotected system water flows both in and out of a building without constraint. If there is a pressure drop, potentially contaminated water say from a chemically treated water storage tank will be pulled backwards into the city water system if not protected. Backflow prevention devices can be tested by a city licensed backflow tester, who examines various components such as double-check valves and reduced pressure zone devices to ensure their proper function.

Changes to NYC Plumbing Code
Effective July 1, 2008, the first major change in over 40 years was added to the New York City Plumbing Code:
“New Code: PC 608.3- “All devices, appurtenances, appliances, and apparatus intended to serve some special functions, such as sterilization, distillation, processing, cooling, or storage of ice or foods, and that connect to the water supply system, shall be provided with protection against backflow and contamination of the water supply system.” 608.13.2 Reduced Pressure Principle Backflow Preventers and 608.13.7- Double Check Valve assemblies. These devices shall be tested annually by a certified tester.”