248 Reynolds Terrace, Orange, NJ

Client: MRM Management, LLC
Project Type: Boiler Room Combustion Air

Reynolds Terrace Apartments is a 120-unit building located in Orange, New Jersey. The means by which the buildings boiler room drew in combustion air had to be reexamined. During a previous summer season, one of two louvered openings providing combustion air for the boiler room was re-purposed and widened to create a roll up door and garbage truck dock. A new combustion air opening was created on the same wall further down adjacent to a portion of sprinkler piping; the existing louver was relocated to this spot. During the subsequent winter season, the relocated combustion air opening drew in cold outside and air froze the sprinkler system piping at that location. The fix was to infill this opening adjacent to the sprinkler piping and re-utilize the other of the two preexisting combustion air openings. An outside air intake opening and louver were sized to meet a six story residential building’s boiler room combustion air requirements. The sizing complies with the 2009 Uniform Construction Code of New Jersey which adopts the 2009 IMC code.