Congregation Beth Tefilah, Newark, NJ

Client: Congregation Beth Tefilah
Architect: Buckman Architectural Group
Project Type: Fire Protection

This project is a renovation of an approximately 6,000 gross square foot former house of worship located in the Iron Bound section of Newark. The beautifully crafted wood-paneled sanctuary space was mostly preserved. AEP was hired to design a full wet-type sprinkler system for the building. Special consideration was given for the protection of the precious scrolls found in the sanctuary. A Single Interlock Pre-Action Electric Release system was chosen as the basis for the design. In this system water is kept out of the sprinkler piping until both an electric detecting device (smoke detector) and a sprinkler have been activated. This design protects against leaks in the sprinkler pipe and accidental activation of the sprinkler heads. The system includes an electric supervised system of low air pressure in the piping system. The Single Interlock Pre-Action System admits water into the sprinkler piping only when both the detection device and the supervised systems simultaneously signal the control panel to trigger the solenoid valve. An anti-flooding feature is provided by utilizing an in-line check valve, which creates an intermediate vented chamber using a Normally Open drip-check.