National Packaging Corp. Cateret, NJ

Client: National Packaging Corp.
Project Type: System Analysis

The facility located in the warehouse complex located at 100 Middlesex Ave. in Carteret, NJ is approximately 100,000 sf with a proposed partition that would divide the space into two halves of approximately 50,000 sf each. The first phase of occupancy will utilize the first half with the other half remaining vacant until such time that further expansion warrants its use. During the dates of September 12, 15 and 16 site surveys were performed by AEP Engineering during which the design and condition of the warehouse’s existing sprinkler system was documented and assessed .This report summarizes the warehouse’s existing sprinkler system and lists available options for either modifying the existing or installing a new code-compliant sprinkler system that is sufficient for the new inventory the warehouse will receive now and in the future.