Residential Row House Condo Apartments, Jersey City, NJ

Client: Private Investor
Architect: Jeff Jordan Architect
Project Type: Mechanical HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire Protection Engineering Design

This newly constructed three-family, four story annex is adjacent its shared property, a to a turn-of-the-century building registered with the Jersey City Landmarks Conservatory and located in Jersey City’s historic Van Vorst Park. The historic building’s exterior was restored to its former condition while the new building was designed to visually blend with its neighbors whilst boasting modern amenities. In the new building, each floor is split into two heating and cooling zones, one North, and one South. Mini-split Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) heat pump systems were employed for heating and cooling. Automatic sprinklers were designed throughout. Gas-fired instantaneous tank-less water heaters were employed for each apartment. AEP worked closely with the architect, contractors, Jersey City authorities and the local utility provider to design and set the sub-slab foundation to ensure constructability and compliance with local ordinances and accuracy of incoming water, gas and electric services. Some challenges included the unavailability of three-phase electrical power in the neighborhood, low city water pressure and fitting HVAC systems and ductwork along with the other trades, e.g. electric, plumbing and fire protection in very tight, low-depth spaces above ceilings in an effort to accommodate the architects vision of the spaces. AEP met those challenges and the result is a beautifully designed modern and efficient condominium apartment building in wonderful historic-urban setting.

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