Hilton Short Hills NJ

Client:  Hilton Short Hills
Work Scope: Domestic Hot Water Plant Upgrade and Backflow Prevention

The existing hot water heating system supplying both the hotel common areas, kitchen and guest rooms was due for an upgrade. Our engineers provided an exhaustive and thorough estimation of the hotels hot water usage being sure to work closely with management to understand guest room hot water usage profiles. Of utmost importance was full redundancy of the capacity of the system; the hotel could never be without hot water. To meet this challenge high input, modular on-demand instantaneous gas fired water heaters were employed. The design is such that the system can meet peak demand and also provide great turn-down for low usage periods. The scalable modular approach promotes continuity in the case any-one burner-heat exchanger-control module requires repair or replacing all the while keeping full redundancy in the peak capacity. 

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