• Natural-Passive HVAC Design
  • Renewable Potential Feasibility Studies and Reports
  • Grid-Tie/ Off-Grid Solar PV Systems Design
  • Solar Thermal Systems Design
  • Solar HVAC Systems Design
  • Solar PV-Based Emergency Backup Power Systems
  • Fuel Cell Systems Design

Renewable Energy Design

It is well understood that clean renewable energy solutions such as solar photovoltaic systems help to reduce energy costs and contribute to the development of ecologically responsible environments and societies. The steady expansion of the U.S. renewable energy sector makes it clear that clean energy solutions will have a dominant role in building construction and energy infrastructure in the near to mid-term future. As renewable energy technologies mature and are more widely implemented, the value of these systems will become indisputable. Well-designed renewable energy systems coupled with the many state and federal incentives can pay for themselves in a relatively short period of time and add value to a property. Our goal at AEP is to produce a simple and flexible design based on our customer’s current needs and budget that also allows for future expansion and the incorporation of new technologies as they become available.